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 Other Pricing Options

Although Club Soleil membership is by far the lowest cost way to tan at Soleil, it may not be right for you.  No problem - we offer pricing options to fit every client's needs, whether you plan to tan all year round, seasonally, for a special event like a wedding or prom, or just to come in and top off your Vitamin D level.

Suns Packages

Suns are points that can be redeemed in varying amounts for single sessions in the equipment of your choosing.  Other than membership in Club Soleil, this is our lowest cost method of tanning.  And at Soleil, Suns never expire.  Ever.

Value Tip:  Suns may be shared with family or friends, allowing you to purchase larger packages which lower the price even further.


Single Sessions 

For those who want to purchase only a few sessions, we offer pricing for single sessions, three sessions, or five sessions.

Value Tip:  Check out Tan Tuesdays at Soleil when we offer heavily discounted pricing on all single sessions.

Monthly Unlimited Tanning
These packages may be purchased one month at a time with no further commitment.  Choose the bed level you want and tan as often as you want.

Value Tip:  You can upgrade to a higher level bed than your package offers by paying a small additional charge when you come in to tan.

State law requires a minimum interval of 24 hours between tanning sessions.  We strongly recommend that you wait at least 48 hours due to the strength of our equipment.

Still More Options
We also offer special pricing for new clients that allow you to try tanning in many of our different beds so you can see what you like best.
Value Tip:  For new clients, the Soleil Experience Package allows you to try out 4 of our best beds for just $49.95, a huge discount.

Bridal Party Tanning

When at least two people in your wedding party purchase a Soleil Experience package, the bride gets the package FREE!  Grooms get the same deal.

Value Tip:  Got a large bridal party?  Let us customize a package for you.

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