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Ergoline Affinity 800 Features

  • 12-Minute Maximum Tanning Session Time

  • 51 High Performance Body Lamps

  • 4 High Pressure Facial Lamps + Neck Tanning 

  • 2 High Pressure Shoulder Tanning Lamps

  • Full On-Board Air Conditioned Lounge

  • Body and Facial Misting + Aromatherapy

  • Contoured Acrylic Lounge Surface

Level 3 offers the choice of either the UWE Silver Bullet SE or the Ergoline Affinity 800 (West Glen only).  Both of these beds are among the largest and most powerful tanning beds in the industry and provide an incredibly comfortable session as well as amazing color development.  With just the simple press of a button, the Aqua Mist/Aroma functions dispense a refreshing spray over the face and body and also work in harmony to neutralize the typical UV fragrance.



Tanning Frequency Needed:  Every 5 to 7 Days



UWE Silver Bullet SE Features

  • 12-Minute Maximum Tanning Session Time

  • 44 High Performance Body Lamps

  • 3 High Pressure Facial Lamps / 2 High Pressure Shoulder Lamps

  • Full On-Board Air Conditioning 

  • Double Cooled Lounge Acrylic For Maximum Comfort

  • Body and Facial Misters + Aromatherapy

  • Large Roomy Cabin With Frosted Acrylic Surfaces 

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