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Our next level of tanning allows clients to choose from either the luxurious UWE Lotus or any of our vertical tanning booths. Each of these units provide as much tanning power as the highest level of tanning at conventional tanning salons.  


Tanning Frequency Needed: 1 -2 Times Per Week 



UWE Lotus Features 

  • 12-minute maximum session time

  • 43 High Performance Body Lamps

  • 3 High Pressure Facial Lamps

  • Full On-board Air Conditioning

  • Largest tanning environment in its class

  • Frosted acrylics for evenly disbursed tanning power



Standup Tanning Unit Features

  • 9 or 10-minute maxiumum session times

  • 52 to 56 High Performance tanning lamps 

  • Full body comfort high power cooling fans

  • Tall lamps effectively accomodate tanners up to 6'8" in height 

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