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Welcome To Soleil

We built Soleil for you.  Everything we do is meant not to simply satisfy you, but to thrill you.  When we gain a new client, it's usually the result of word of mouth from our existing clients.


Our philosophy centers around the idea that having a tan makes you more confident, more happy, and more energetic.  Our clients are people who get things done.  Usually they are busy people who get lots of things done.  But busy people don't have time to come into their tanning salon 4 or 5 times a week.  So when you tan in our equipment, whether you prefer UV tanning or Sunless tanning, your tan will be deeper, darker, and longer lasting than any tan you've ever had.  Most of our clients tan no more than 3 or 4 times a month. Many tan only twice a month.  And they maintain beautiful skin and skin color yearround. 


We have only one other philosophy.  We believe that our employees should be singly focused on helping you get exactly what you want from Soleil.  Having beautiful skin is a big part of that.  But in addition we believe you come to Soleil to relax, lead a healthy lifestyle, and get a solid dose of happiness from your visit.  As our owner says "Soleil is what would result if Disneyland and Starbucks joined together and opened a tanning salon!" 


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West Glen Soleil
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