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Frequently Asked Questions



The frequency of your tanning depends almost entirely on the bed you are using.  Many people make the mistake of thinking that it costs more money to use a higher powered tanning bed.  Not so.  When you tan in a base level 20-minute bed, you'll find that you need to use the bed every day to develop and maintain your tan.  On the other hand, when you tan in a high level bed your tan will be deeper and last much longer.  Most of Soleil's clients tan no more than 4 times per month to maintain beautiful, deep color. The added benefits of tanning less frequently are that your lotion will last longer, you'll spend less on gas traveling to your tanning salon, and you'll spend less of your valuable time.  In addition, we beleive that tanning less frequently is better for your skin. 



Soleil does not give medical advice.  That said, it is a fact that exposure to Ultraviolet-B light rays causes your skin to produce Vitamin D naturally.  Many medical researchers have concluded that the world's population is epidemically deficient in Vitamin D as humans living in developed societies have moved out of the sun over the past 100 years.  Humans evolved and thrived absorbing much more Ultraviolet-B from sunlight than we now get.  For more information on this topic, follow this link to one of many recent medical consensus reports written by the most respected Vitamin D researchers in the world today:



High Pressure Tanning refers to the type of lamps used in the tanning bed.  A high pressure bed uses a more powerful lamp than a high perfomance or medium performance lamp and the ultraviolet light is filtered through a special glass that removes all but about 1% of the UV-B rays being produced by the lamp.  The remaining UV-A light rays reach a slightlly deeper level of melanocytes (the cells that produce melanin) in the skin. Since this melanin is deeper in your skin, your tan will last much longer before it begins to fade.  On the other hand, the tan produced under a high pressure lamp is a bit more gradual in developing on the surface of your skin, meaning you'll see some immediate color right after your tanning session and your color will deepen over the next 36 hours. 




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