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LEVEL 5      

Level 5 allows you access to two of the most powerful and high tech tanning beds made in the world today.  The German-made S-Class XTT and Sunboard XTT from UWE are favorites of our clients because they deliver deeper, darker, longer lasting color which enables you to tan much less frequently than with most tanning beds.



UWE S-Class XTT Features:

  • 12-Minute Tanning Session Time                                         plus 3-Minute Afterburner 

  • 50 High Performance Body Lamps

  • 5 High Pressure Facial Lamps

  • 2 High Pressure Shoulder Lamps

  • All Lamps Fully Adjustable Intensity

  • Full On-board Air Conditioning

  • Face/Body Misting Breeze With Aromatherapy


Tanning Frequency Needed:  Every 10 To 14 Days



Tanning Frequency Needed:  Every 14 to 21 Days

UWE Sunboard XTT Features:

  • 15-Minute Tanning Session Time

  • 100% High Pressure Tanning Lamps Provide Long Lasting Deep Bronze Color

  • Fully Open Design For Maximum Comfort

  • On-Board Air Conditioning

  • Variable Speed Body Fans

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